Brocade Stone Large Oval Ring with Pearls

Color: Rock Crystal and Pearls
Size: Size 7 Ring .25 inches Wide x 1 inches High

Maria e Luisa, faithful to the tradition of the best Italian goldsmiths, creates jewels of the highest quality, expressions of true love for nature, design and life. All the jewels are handmade by Milanese master craftsmen in gold and silver 925/1000 with precious and semiprecious stones.

The jewels combine charm and originality to the rigorous manufacturing process that has always distinguished 'Made in Italy'. The choice of the stones and materials, and the accurate and patient artisanal craftsmanship, make each jewel unique.

Maria e Luisa creations do not necessitate any particular maintenance apart from love and attention. Worn daily the burnished surfaces will become, over time, shinier, giving the jewels an antique touch that transcends fashion and time.  For this reason we hope that they will accompany you on your travels and turn into your companions for life, and that wearing them becomes synonymous with liberty and love.

This ring is an Oval Faceted Opaque Rock Crystal, surrounded by eleven Pearls on a Brocade Engraved Sterling Silver Shank.

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